Ocho Rios Tubing - Coral Princess Shore Excursion - 3 February 2015

Ten brave (foolhardy?) souls took to the White River outside Ocho Rios, Jamaica on February 3, 2015.

With their intrepid guide Allen, and nothing but a flimsy inner tube to keep them afloat, they braved the white water of the raging river.

Fortunately they all made it back alive, with only one injury - a banged-up knee from when her inner tube flipped while traversing the rapids.

Click the picture and check out the video. Photo of some of the people tubing

[ Please don't upload this video to other web sites, because of the copyrighted music that it includes. This video is for the enjoyment of the participants and their friends. ]

Let me know if you want copies of the original videos, and I'll make them available. All in all, I think that there are 38 videos ranging in length from about 4 seconds to about 25 seconds. I pasted them all together to create the above video.